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The Other Woman (2014) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 04 April 2014


Jay´s Review

Chick Flick Alert! No one can do them better than director Nick Cassevetes ("The Notebook") when he's in the mood. Working with writer Melissa Stack in her first full-length project (I'll keep an eye out for this talented gal), this pair knows how to deliver a punch straight to where we live. This guilty pleasure is a perfect showcase for the hilarious Leslie Mann and the fearless Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (in a wild departure from "Game of Thrones"), but the others are laugh-out-loud funny, too.

Being a successful lady killer can have its perils when the ladies involved are:

  • * Cameron Diaz ("Bad Teacher") as Carly, as successful attorney betrayed by her lover...
  • * Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ("Headhunters") Mark, who is the irresistibly handsome Lothario married to...
  • * Leslie Mann ("This is 40") Kate. After an initial rough patch, the wife and the mistress quickly discover that he is also courting...
  • * Kate Upton ("Tower Heist") Amber, who feels betrayed when a fourth woman is spotted being seduced by this three-timer.
  • * Nicki Minaj ("Ice Age" voice) is Lydia, the brassy secretary who tells Carly that "liars live longer."
  • * Don Johnson ("Machete") is Carly's proud father, often married, rarely sorry.

It is clear that we are in good hands when the movie opens with a gorgeous aerial shot of New York City and (I'm pretty sure) Etta James singing "I Want a Sunday Kind of Love." ...sigh...

Rated PG-13, you will see no nudity and hear no profanity, but there are several segments where the women get drunk together. I have never seen such terrific physical comedy that features women! I'll have to buy the DVD because I know there were whole chunks of the witty dialogue that got by me.

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