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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! (2018) Reviewed by Jay

Jay´s Review

Expect lots and lots of the same old fun stuff. After all, if it ain't broke... 


Written and directed by Ol Parker ("The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel") still based on the story by Richard Curtis, we find ourselves back off the coast of Greece (actually shot in Croatia) with a combination of flashbacks and unfolding stories that feature our old friends and how they got that way (plus over a dozen Abba standards).


Here is part of Parker's HUGE cast:

  • * Lily James ("Cinderella") is young Donna in sometimes deliberately confusing flashbacks.
  • Amanda Seyfried ("The Last Word") Donna's daughter Sophie is the one with three dads...or not...
  • * Dominic Cooper ("Agent Carter") Sky is back, but for how long?
  • * Colin Firth ("Kingsman") Shy Harry - What can I say? Firth can deliver a comic line with the best!
  • * Pierce Brosnan ("The Foreigner") Conflicted Sam - He just gets better and better; it's not fair!
  • * Stellan Skarsgärd ("Borg vs McEnroe") Sweet Bill - His heart is still broken.
  • Christine Baranski ("The Good Fight") The caustic Tanya can't be quoted in a family review.
  • * Julie Walters ("Brooklyn") Rosie will never change; she has decided that her soulmate is carbs, e.g., cake!
  • * Meryl Streep ("The Post") Yup. Donna is back, finally!
  • * Cher ("Burlesque") Yes, you've seen the trailers, Ruby is the surprise guest at the party and her version of "Fernando" is my all-time favorite. We in the screening audience audibly reacted to her spectacular entrance.
  • * Andy Garcia ("Book Club") Fernando (I know. I know. Just watch!) is the magical party planner who can make it happen... over and over and over.
The six capable actors who played the younger versions of our principal characters are perfectly cast. They have captured the signature moves, speech patterns and attitudes of their future selves.

This is rated R, so expect implied sexuality but nothing crass, no profanity, no vehicular mayhem, no gunshots and no blowie uppie stuff. Just silly fun from well-loved characters. Enjoy the unique choreography of at least three contributors; I won't mention any names. Be sure to stay for the best curtain call/encore EVER (to "Super Trooper")!

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Here is the international trailer:


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