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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 14 August 2015


Jay´s Review

This fourth movie is the last quarter of Suzanne Collins' blockbuster young adult trilogy that made stars of the principal actors and absolutely PRINTED money from the get-go. (They split the third book into two movies.)

Director Francis Lawrence, who directed three of the four "Hunger Games" movies, is back to wrap up the series. The movie is rated PG-13 so expect very little profanity and no sweaty bodies, but sporadic gunfire plus lots and lots (and LOTS!) of blowie uppie stuff. Oh... also a very claustrophobic episode in a tunnel. 

This cast consists of mostly familiar faces:

  • * Jennifer Lawrence ("Silver Linings Playbook") Katniss has become the face of the revolution. Problem is, she always has personal skin in the game. Watch her response when she sees her sister's orphaned cat.
  • * Josh Hutcherson ("Red Dawn") Peeta has been brain washed and deeply damaged; now he swings between loving Katniss and wanting to kill her.
  • * Liam Hemsworth ("The Hunger Games") Gale still loves Katniss, but his military decisions are tough for her to accept.
  • * Donald Sutherland ("The Italian Job") President Snow is the face of Panem, he is determined to hold onto his power but he delivers a shocker to Katniss. (They had agreed never to lie to one another.)
  • * Julianne Moore ("Still Alice") President Coin has chosen Katniss to be the face of the Rebellion whether she likes it or not; see her wily reaction when Katniss goes rogue!
  • * Elizabeth Banks ("Love & Mercy") Effie Trinket is back in full regalia, all too briefly. (Haymitch would probably agree...)
  • * Sam Claflin ("Love, Rosie") Finnick is one of the Games participants who remains loyal to Katniss. ("Remember who the enemy is!") His wedding is sweet.
  • * Philip Seymour Hoffman ("Hunger Games") Plutarch is here again, despite Hoffman's well-publicized death in 2014. This proves that there IS a good use for Computer Generated Imaging. It's amazing!
  • * Woody Harrelson ("True Detective") Haymitch despairs when he hears the new rules which will govern his protégées; his loyalty toKatniss never wavers.  
  • * Stanley Tucci ("Muppets Most Wanted") These festivities wouldn't be the same without our favorite MC: Caesar Flickerman. Now he's the newscaster for the Panem propaganda machine who delivers news of the deaths of our heroes.
  • * Patina Miller ("Madam Secretary") Initially, Commander Paylor has her doubts about Katniss, but things change. By the way, this capable actress has the best diction I have heard in years!

This series has been interesting because it makes a heroine of a young woman who is reluctant to be famous, never hesitates to help others, doesn't like fancy clothes and always steps out to face her fears.

In my opinion, the 3D is unnecessary because I go for the story. The series ends exactly like the third book, so I was very, very relieved!

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