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Sex Tape (2014) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 04 April 2014


Jay´s Review

Okay.... This will be a PG-13 review about an R-rated movie. Rest assured, this is every bit as raunchy as the title would imply as we watch a happily married couple discover that the personal sex tape they made the evening before might go viral. (Their sex life has become humdrum, so they try all the variations in the book, "The Joy of Sex.")

The first part of the film shows us the lusty beginnings for this couple, directed with a fairly heavy hand by Jake Kasden ("Bad Teacher"). Their early life together is lots of fun and establishes their characters. We always want some to root for and this is a very likable couple. I found the double takes and reaction shots a bit overdone, although the actors gave this project everything (and I mean EVERYthing) they had.

Here is part of the cast:

  • * Cameron Diaz ("The Other Woman") Annie is a generous, loving (and very flexible!) woman who adores her family. She may have a buyer for her blog, which would set her up with a very welcome income. This actress will cherish this film long after her shelf life expires; she looks terrific!
  • * Jason Segel ("This is 40") Jay is successful, stable and a bit over-domesticated. When he discovers that their home-made tape may be in "The Cloud" he has to admit not only does he not understand it, NO ONE understands it! BTW, I have never seen this guy look so appealing.
  • * Rob Lowe ("Parks and Recreation") Hank is a charming businessman interested in expanding Annie's readership for his wholesome, family-oriented publication (but check out what he has in his bedside table).
  • * Rob Corddry ("In a World") Robby may be a good friend, but he and his wife Tess (Ellie Kemper) would really like a peek at that video.

Expect lots (and LOTS) of nudity, profanity, drug use, and simulated sex. To my relief, I saw no gunshots, no vehicular mayhem and no blowie uppie stuff, but there is a ferocious dog. I laughed out loud many times but it would have been even funnier if the mugging hadn't been quite so broad.

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