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Room (2015) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 14 August 2015


Jay´s Review

It saddens me that I must give this one a heartfelt two thumbs up. Why, you might ask? Because the premise is such a downer very few people will want to see it: If a child is confined with his mother to a small room for the first five years of his life, what can he expect when the door is opened? Well, I have a personal foible: I want someone to root for and this one actually gives me at least five. This inspiring movie really delivers and there is already early Oscar buzz about it (10-30-15).

This R-rated drama from director Lenny Abrahamson ("Frank") in collaboration with first-time screenwriter/novelist Emma Donoghue is inspiring because it celebrates the resiliency of the human spirit and the power of a mother's love.

The cast:

  • * Jacob Tremblay ("The Smurfs 2") is little Jack, whose eyes have never focused on anything beyond the four walls of their small "Room." He's reasonably happy, but can't imagine "in" or "out" and when he sees a leaf blown onto the skylight, he's fascinated.
  • * Brie Larson ("Trainwreck") is brilliant as Ma. She tries to keep Jack physically fit and is teaching him to read, but knows she must get him out of isolation before the damage is irreversible. 
  • * Sean Bridgers (Lots of TV) is Old Nick, the fellow who kidnapped a teenage girl and has kept her locked in his shed for seven years.
  • * Joan Allen ("Bourne") is Nancy, Jack's grandmother, whose life changed irrevocably when her daughter disappeared seven years ago.
  • * Amanda Brugel ("Orphan Black") is Officer Parker, whose gentle insight helps a little lost boy put his world back together.
  • * Wendy Crewson ("The Vow") is a talk-show host you will love to hate!

Both of our escapees suffer from sensory overload, so with the press hounding them and a criminal case pending, it is no surprise that they both need counseling and time to adjust. In addition, the boy has never seen a stair, has an underdeveloped immune system and can't tolerate full sunlight. 

The boy's grandparents are no less challenged. They can't imagine what the two prisoners have endured but try to treat them with sensitivity. Their attempts made me smile...

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