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Death Wish (2018) Reviewed by Jay

Jay´s Review

Vengeance movies are always so satisfying, but brutal. Here we have a happy family man who has the fruits of his hard-earned success ruthlessly stripped away.


This remake of the 1974 original (starring Charles Bronson), is directed by Eli Roth ("Knock Knock") from a screenplay by Joe Carnahan ("State of Affairs"). This in turn is based on the 1974 novel by Brian Garfield, which has been milked to death. Movies, games, sequels, etc., etc., etc.


Part of Roth's cast:


  • Bruce Willis ("Red") Paul Kersey is a hard-working E.R. surgeon who can't always save lives.
  • * Vincent D'Onofrio ("Ghost Wars") Frank Kersey tells his niece, "Your dad was a scrapper back in the day!" 
  • * Elisabeth Shue ("Battle of the Sexes") Lucy is everything Paul always wanted. Their North Shore home in Chicago is warm and happy.
  • * Camila Morrone ("Never Goin' Back") Jordan is the lovely sort of daughter who makes it all worth while.
  • * Dean Norris ("The Big Bang Theory") and Kimberly Elise ("Almost Christmas") are the frustrated Chicago detectives who have far too many open crimes posted on their office wall. "People rely on the police to keep them safe."
This R-rated, super-violent actioner has all the stuff Bruce Willis fans want, gunfire, torture, suspense and creative ways to kill people. Opinions divide the city: "Are YOU on Team Reaper?" 
Well, I'll tell you one thing, we in the audience saw what those brutes did, so like it or not, we KNOW what WE want to see!


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