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Deadpool 2 (2018) Reviewed by Jay

Jay´s Review

A couple of years ago Ryan Reynolds surprised Hollywood suits with the unexpected success of his R-rated Superhero comedy. Naturally they have been eagerly awaiting another surprise. Directed by former stuntman David Leitch ("Atomic Blonde") working from a script by a committee of writers, this R-rated sequel only goes to disprove that old adage about catching lightning in a bottle. This lightning is vulgar, profane, irreverent, violent, bloody and rude, and yes, they've done it again.


Part of Leitch's cast:


  • * Ryan Reynolds ("The Hitman's Bodyguard") Wade / Deadpool  has hit bottom once more but that seems to be where he works best. Although he still fights for what's right, he insists that he is NOT X-Man material.
  • * Josh Brolin ("Infinity Wars") Nathan Summers / Cable  has his own Terminator-type agenda. Look out!
  • * Morena Baccani ("Gotham") Vanessa  is back, although not in the way Wade  wants her.
  • * Zazie Beetz ("Atlanta") Domino  has a superpower: it's Luck, although she agrees it isn't very cinematic.
  • Terry Crews ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") Bedlam  has what it takes to cause waves.
  • * Leslie Uggams ("Empire") Yes! Blind Al  is back and Wade needs her help again.
  • * T.J. Miller ("Silicon Valley") Weasel  runs the bar where Deadpool does his strategizing. This actor has elevated "Geek" to an art form.
  • * Julian Dennison ("Hunt for the Wilderpeople") Russell  is in deep trouble for a crime he has yet to commit.
Maybe I don't know what bottom looks like, but I think it's pretty bad. Let's see what this one offers: Vehicular mayhem? Check. Fisticuffs? Check. Profanity? Check. Blowie uppie stuff? Check. CGI? Check. Yep, it has everything we hoped for. See for yourself.

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Here is a trailer:
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