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The Diva's recap of Scandal Season 1 Episode 6

Kamal´s Review


The Diva's recap of 
Scandal Season 1 Episode 6 (2012)






Season 1 Episode 6 Airdate: 5/10/12

The Digest


Two years prior to the present, we are introduced to the backstories of all involved. Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald first meet when he is Gov. Fitzgerald and is running for President. His campaign is tanking fast and his advisor Cyrus can seem to turn it around. AS a last ditch effort, Cyrus recruits his friend, Olivia Pope. Olivia comes and the first thing she does is put the Gov. and his wife on blast for not appearing affectionate enough.  Basically heir lack of obvious closeness is turning people off. What Olivia has scratched on is that the marriage is in turmoil and it has bled over into the campaign. So much so, that their opponent, Sally Langston is getting ready to kick their butts. But with Olivia now on board her, astute perceptions have been turning the campaign around. The unintended consequence tis that Olivia and the Gov are spending more and more time together and the sparks are flying.


Billy Chambers While they are fighting their attraction, Olivia is bringing in members of the team we have come to love and they are helping his bid for President run smoother and there is nothing stopping him, so it seems. It appears that the future first Lady maybe having an affair.  As Olivia’s team races to contain that, Olivia and Fitz become closer and closer until one night, they can no longer fight it and they share a night of passion. Unbeknownst to them, his room has been bugged by his rivals campaign (without her knowledge or permission) and their tryst is caught on tape.  The tape is presented to Langston by her campaign manager Billy Chambers (?!?!?!?!!) He doesn’t know it’s Olivia on that tape, but it doesn’t matter. Langston wants no part of it and rebukes Tanner who we know at this point keeps the tape for future use.


The Dish

There is a twist at the end of this show that almost made me scream! First the revelation that Chambers, who has presented himself as Olivia’s friend is the one behind all this madness wasn’t the shocking part. What made me scream is how he dealt with the reporter when he figured out that Tanner, not the President was the other man.  This show is getting better and better!


The Directive

I don’t know whose idea it was to only make 7 episodes. That is some bullshit. But it has been renewed for a second season and episode 7 will be the season finale. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!




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Right in throat!

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