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Green Room (2016) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 25 December 2015


Jay´s Review

The press synopsis calls this a "wickedly fun horror-thriller." I have to agree as I watch a punk rock band try to flee the scene of horrific violence only to land in a desperate fight for survival with some white-supremacy skinheads. This is done in the same spirit as "Tucker and Dale vs Evil," only with not as much humor...smile... By the way, a green room is a place where performers wait before and after an appearance. In this movie, our eponymous room is, in turns, a waiting room, a prison and a sanctuary.

This R-rated actioner, written and directed by Jeremy Saultnier ("Blue Ruin") had our packed-house screening audience on the edge of our seats, holding our collective breath even as we laughed at the lengths our frantic heroes go to in order to survive. They aren't always successful...

The cast:

  • * Patrick Stewart (Avery in "American Dad") Darcy Banker is in charge of every one and every thing at that neo-Nazi punk bar. His thugs are briskly obedient, sort of efficient, and ultimately terrified.
  • * Imogen Poots ("That Awkward Moment") Amber must get past a horrifying event and figure out where to hide the ammo.
  • * Alia Shawkat ("Arrested Development") Sam is the only female member of this band, but she is also their booking agent and directs their gasoline-siphoning excursions (it's the only way they can afford to travel). I LOVE what she can do with a fire extinguisher!
  • * Anton Yelchin (Chekov in "Star Trek") Baby-faced Pat is caught up in a situation to which his only reference is a recent paint-ball contest. Duct tape becomes an important item for his survival.
  • * Callum Turner ("Victor Frankenstein") Green-haired Tiger is the most resourceful, always looking for an escape route or a weakness.
  • * Joe Cole (Lots of TV) Reese never lets us forget his wrestling skills, but it's nip and tuck sometimes.

Expect profanity plus gruesome violence with guns, knives, fluorescent light bulbs, metal rods, attack dogs, and deadliest of all, a utility knife. At no time do we see those people on screen as anything less than real flesh and blood who can be mutilated, gutted or killed. I was exhausted when it was over.

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