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2 Guns (2013) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 26 July 2013


Jay´s Review

So these two guys are gonna rob a bank...

This is sort of a Spy vs Spy, as two agents from two different government organizations, neither of whom knows of the other's link to his real employer, rob a bank, only to discover it's a set-up...plus there is waaaaay more money than they expect: $43.125M! And these fellows can't agree on a thing: What to have for breakfast; Who wears which mask; Is a wink considered flirting?

Directed by Baltasar Kormákur ("The Deep" one of my favorites from the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival) with a screenplay by Blake Masters (Lots of TV) based on Boom Studio's graphic novels, this is fun all the way, with enough comedy to keep ME happy and enough action to entertain the screening audience.

We enjoy:

  • * Denzel Washington ("Flight") is Bobby, the steady, focused DEA guy whose patience is sorely taxed by his gabby sidekick.
  • * Mark Wahlberg ("Broken City") is Stig, a cocky, ebullient (and very funny) Naval Intelligence officer...plus he's a GREAT shot!
  • * Paula Patton ("Disconnect") plays Deb, the beauty with the DEA who shares a history with Bobby.
  • * Bill Paxton ("Big Love") his Earl from the CIA shows us what cruelty looks like.
  • * Edward James Olmos (Lots of TV) Papi Greco leads a drug cartel (as if things weren't already complicated enough).

This R-rated actioner kept the audience involved every single minute. Expect very little profanity, partial nudity and no sweaty bodies, but a LOT of gunfire and vehicular mayhem. But (and this is a big BUT) NO discernible Computer Generated Imaging.

It was violent and wild but I enjoyed it!

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