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Rise of the Guardians (2012) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 18 September 2012


Jay´s Review

Animation by DreamWorks, voices by celebrities, familiar characters from our childhood, can this one miss? An evil spirit called "Pitch" comes to destroy the hopes, dreams and imaginations of the children on our earth, so the Immortal Guardians spring to their defense. A battle ensues.....

The children will see:

  • Jack Frost (Chris Pine) who has no memory of a childhood, a family or a past. He refuses to be Guardian because no one believes in him.
  • E. Aster Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman) is an Australian rabbit, complete with boomerang. "I'm NOT a kangaroo, Mate!"
  • North (Alec Baldwin) is a Slavic Santa with a core made of wide-eyed awe. "Now ve get down to tacks of brrrrrass!"
  • Tooth (Isla Fisher) is a darling fairy who starts to lose her ability to fly as fewer children believe in her. "Don't forget to floss!"
  • Pitch (Jude Law) is the Boogyman. He rounds up Nightmares to promote fear; he's tired of "hiding under beds and in closets!"
  • Little Boy (Stuart Allen) has an unshakable belief in the Easter Bunny. Animation was never better than during his scene in the bedroom with Jack Frost.
  • Little Girl (Isabella Blake-Thomas) slips down the rabbit hole by mistake. Her innocence inspires the Guardians.
  • Sandman is mute, so no voice artist is listed here. He's a mighty Guardian though!

These Guardians of our childhood can exist only so long as children believe in them. It is that belief that the forces of evil intend to attack.

Despite the PG rating, some of those "forces" seem dark indeed! The Nightmares are fearsome and seem to be carnivores. Maybe children are tougher than they used to be, but you'd better sit close! Some of the dialogue had the adults chuckling while it went right over the children's heads. For example, when all the Guardians dash around retrieving baby teeth from under pillows to help the Tooth Fairy, they forget to leave quarters. In the next scene they are at a coin changing machine in a laundromat. We laughed out loud!

Oh! I almost forgot: Happy ending, folks!

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