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About Time (2013) Reviewed By Jay

United States, 21 August 2013


  • Genre: Movies
  • Runtime: 130 mins

Jay´s Review

From Richard Curtis, the creative soul who gave us "Notting Hill" and "Love Actually," we have an R-rated romantic comedy that satisfies our need for the occasional outing that features unabashedly happy families, solid marriages and well-loved children. Plus, it boasts the most hilarious wedding reception I think I've ever seen.

A young man inherits a family trait that allows him to replay key moments in time and change them to his advantage. We start to chortle whenever he says "Would you please excuse me for a moment?"

It features:

  • * Domhnall Gleeson ("Anna Karenina") is Tim, the fellow who can manipulate time, but who can't foretell some of the results. You can see the warm intelligence in his eyes.
  • * Rachel McAdams ("The Vow") is Mary, the object of his affections. This Canadian actress is no stranger to relationships with time travelers ("The Time Traveler's Wife"); but we laugh when her Mary insists she won't take her panties off for Scotland! (You'll love that scene.)
  • * Bill Nighy ("Blow Dry") is Bill's father. Dad is a cautious veteran of this phenomenon. This character is droll, wise, and a great father.
  • * Lindsay Duncan (LOTS of British TV) Her sweetly ferocious Mum fooled me. I actually thought I was watching the French actress Julie Delpy!
  • * Lydia Wilson (British TV) is Kit Kat, Tim's rambunctious sister who causes a LOT of turmoil.
  • * Mitchell Mullen ("RED 2") is Mary's father, Fitz, who is mentally out to lunch much of the time.

The plot becomes fairly complex so it can become a challenge to follow if you have any hearing problems because much of it is either murmured or whispered. The script is witty and warm but there were times I needed captions; I know I'll LOVE my DVD! Yes, I'll own this one.

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